Leadership Development

‘Resilience, flexibility and empathy along with the ability to inspire are all ingredients of leadership'

Working with organisations is stimulating and can be complex.  The wide range of initiatives all aim to support and strengthen your company’s leadership agenda. Your company’s leadership style determines the overall tone and culture of the organisation, regardless of size.  

Initiatives may support topics such as:

  • Helping to define values and how to implement them
  • Helping your senior leadership team formulate their vision 
  • Facilitating your senior leadership team in developing your strategic direction
  • Designing and implementing change management programmes
  • Supporting HR initiatives through developing and/or delivering a range of company wide workshops

I favour a partnership approach.  This includes liaising with key stakeholders to identify a clear process, timeline and defined outcomes that can dovetail with organisational values and objectives.

Depending on need, I work in the following way with senior teams and middle managers to enhance the engagement and productivity: 

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