'Today’s working environment rarely encourages people to take time to reflect on their work, supervision offers that space.'

Supervision provides coaches/consultants the space and support to reflect on their work with their end clients.  This process provides the end clients with high quality and ethical coaching or consultancy.

Supervision enhances our emotional intelligence, enables coaches/consultants to spot patterns of unhelpful behaviours and identify their own development areas when dealing with the end client.

I work with individuals and groups of coaches, mentors and consultants.  I provide a safe non-judgmental space for them to reflect on their own professional work.  I support them in finding ways to grow their existing skills and knowledge for the benefit of their end clients.  We explore situations or dilemmas in their practice and through reflective dialogue insight around the dynamics of their client work emerges.  This in turn moves into a shift in mindset which provides the basis for practical actions that bring success to a coaching programme or consulting project.