An overview to coaching  

As a qualified executive coach with 1000+ hours of coaching globally, I have successfully engaged with a diverse range of individuals singly or in groups, and I love it! Together we always find solutions and alignment which support both the individual(s) and the business.

We all have choice.  Yet in our daily doing we forget to take the time to reflect on what the better decision or choice might be.  

Coaching offers you a safe sanctuary where you can take time to envisage how to glide through your challenges to the benefit of the business.

Through a questioning and reflection technique I help you understand more about yourself.  You will become more conscious of how you approach challenges.  Then you are able to work out more appropriate ways to be (a change in mind-set) and different ways to do things (a change in behaviours). 

Where appropriate, leadership, psychometric tools and 360 °surveys etc. are integrated into a coaching progamme.  All coaching programmes aim to overcome individual/team hurdles in order to enhance productivity and enjoyment of life at work.  


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