Facilitated Workshops

‘Well-facilitated workshops lead to participants embracing a  sense of accountability and responsibility towards the outcomes’ 

I provide a clear framework and structure to workshops.   Participants are encouraged to share their views and experiences and to shape the desired and agreed outcomes.

Relevant tools and methodologies are interwoven as needed.  Through eliciting answers and encouraging reflection, participants gain greater self-awareness and deeper learning of their leadership styles.  This creates greater accountability for the outcome and long term implementation of any actions agreed on.

Typical facilitated workshops have included:

  • Strategic away days for senior leadership teams
  • Change management programmes 
  • Performance management programmes tailored to a specific company’s objectives
  • Identifying values and behaviours to shape a desired culture  
  • Leadership development aligned to corporate values and competencies
  • Team collaboration with agreed ways of working in order to reach a common goal
  • Understanding accountability and responsibility, and their associated behaviours  
  • Middle management people development
  • Creating a coaching or mentoring culture


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