Coaching teams

Team coaching can lead to a greater sense of cohesion, collaboration and motivation. Your people will learn about what motivates them individually and as a team. They will develop their emotional intelligence, trust and flexibility,all of which will support them in working more effectively with one another.  Alignment and greater productivity are common outputs.  Team coaching can be a stand alone intervention or an integral part of your organisation’s leadership programme.  

Recent team coaching programmes have been around the following topics:

  • Building trust within the team, leading to greater productivity and enjoyment
  • Leveraging the team's strengths which support development areas
  • Accepting and embracing structural changes and what it means to them individually and as a team
  • Understanding other's roles, responsibilities and expectations which support greater alignment
  • Overcoming internal differences enabling new approaches to be explored and implemented
  • Supporting virtual teams' understanding of each other across a range of geographical and cultural borders, leading to greater trust and cohesion