Coaching for individuals

‘Be kind on the people, ruthless on the issue’

Coaching provides a sure way of supporting individuals to become more confident, self assured and skilled in their line of work.  Such individuals include senior leaders, board members, entrepreneurs or individuals facing personal crossroads in their lives.  Faced with constant external change resilience, flexibility and inner confidence are key qualities to build on in order to help us to make sound decisions and respond calmly and empathically when necessary.

Recent statistics reveal over 26% of high potential executives experience derailment due to an over-reliance on a few strengths.  Coaching helps an individual broaden their strengths base through developing more self-awareness of the impact of their behaviours on others. This all leads to developing new strategies for situations and ways to interact.

As a coach I challenge you to find ways to respond differently in situations.  Through coaching you will develop tools to support a more balanced attitude and associated behaviours. You will feel more confident and self-aware.  And the benefit to the company includes happier and healthier employees, and a reduced turnover rate with all the associated costs. 

All in all, a happier place to work!